Accountability Training 101 Old

Please use the below instructions in your interactions with your partner to help better support their growth.

1) “List is Good” Instructions:   4 Steps to Check You and Your Partner’s ‘New Choices’ List:

  1. New statements should be short. Keep them direct and succinct. (They should be between 2 and 10 words long).
  2. All statements need to be in the positive. The statements shouldn’t use double negatives. (Example: “I love people” instead of “I don’t hate people”).
  3. New statements are based on and the reverse of the original negative thought. They should challenge the original statement. They should be contrary and/or opposite of the original meaning.
  4. The person should be able to imagine the idea without total resistance. It’s OK to push your edge, but if it feels bad, or you don’t believe it at all, it’s not going to help. They need to be able to ether remember, or imagine the thing as somewhat “true.” Drop any examples of it not being true.

2) The Core Practice:   The base practice is simply to support your partner.

  1. Call, text, or email each other (daily is recommended) to make sure your Identity Shifting Patterning Process was done.